Sound Start takes health and safety concerns very seriously, not only for our smallest customers and their families, but also for our teachers and their families. We consider federal, state, city and CDC guidelines when planning our in-person options. Because we sing in our classes, we also follow guidelines from the International Coalition of Performing Arts Aerosol Study. Singing uses forced-air breathing which is more like sneezing and coughing. Forced-air breathing emits significantly more airborne particles than regular breathing. 

Participants in our classes agree to abide by the guidelines specified for each class. Some classes require masks for all students ages 2 and older. Some classes will require proof of vaccination for all participants 5 years and up prior to your first class. (We'll allow families to submit this proof electronically or via video chat.) Some classes allow families to maintain distancing. We know children do not understand these guidelines and count on parents to guide students gently but efficiently if they pull off their masks or try to enter a high risk family's zone. It is a learning process! Families will provide a blanket to sit on, shakers, sticks (homemade is fine) and any other small instruments for their family to use in all outdoor classes. Note: Children under two are never required to wear masks.

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Sound Start currently offers a variety of online and outdoor/socially distant/masked classes. Learn more here!