Sound Start takes health and safety concerns very seriously, not only for our smallest customers and their families, but also for our teachers and their families. We consider federal, state, city and CDC guidelines when determining when it will be safe to return to our in-person classes. Since we cannot meet social distancing, ventilation and shared equipment guidelines with our students' ages, we are continuing to meet online. Thank you for understanding and for all the ways you have shown your support.


  1. We can't observe social distancing guidelines. Kids under five would not understand or abide by 6-feet apart. Many of our students are too young to utilize masks. Our classes are very active, physically interactive and involve singing which (unfortunately for us) releases more aerosols than other activities.

  2. Our classrooms do not provide the kind of ventilation necessary to minimize indoor viral spread. Some classes don't even have windows that open.

  3. We cannot guarantee that our customers will not share equipment. While we can TELL a 2-year-old not to touch another 2-year-old's drum, we don't think it is realistic to enforce and the process would be quite unpleasant for parents and children.

Because of this we will stay online where the learning can safely continue, our students can maintain a sense of community and no germs can accidentally be shared. We love our students, teachers and all of their families and want to keep everyone safe. We miss the big group activities, the high fives and hugs and will return to in-person classes as soon as they are deemed safe for all. We hope that will be sooner than later.