Sound Start takes health and safety concerns very seriously, not only for our smallest customers and their families, but also for our teachers and their families. We consider federal, state, city and CDC guidelines when planning our in-person options. Because we sing in our classes, we also follow guidelines from the International Coalition of Performing Arts Aerosol Study. Singing uses forced-air breathing which is more like sneezing and coughing. Forced-air breathing emits significantly more airborne particles than regular breathing. 

Participants in our classes agree to wear masks that cover their mouths and noses and maintain social distancing by participating from their strategically placed blanket or rug. Parents are asked to PROMPTLY collect their wandering children so they do not enter another family's class zone. We know children do not understand these guidelines and count on parents to guide them gently and efficiently. Families also provide shakers, sticks (homemade is fine) and any other small instruments to enjoy in class. Note: Children under two are not required to wear masks.

Sound Start currently offers a variety of online and outdoor/socially distant/masked classes. To learn how to make online classes successful, visit our policies page

Outdoor class diagram for our more visual customers:

Outdoor Class Guidelines.png

Sound Start  is considering adding indoor class options for the Fall of 2021. With more families getting fully vaccinated and with kids practicing social distancing outdoors, we hope we will be able to add two additional families in each class. If this does not seem realistic closer to the session start, we will change our plan. 

Tentative Indoor class diagram for our more visual customers:

Classroom Options.png