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Early childhood is a critical window for music development. Sound Start is passionate about providing the very best in early childhood music education to enable your child to develop their sense of pitch, rhythm and a lifelong appreciation of music. Our teachers are well trained and experienced in guiding children developmentally. In addition to musical development, music classes like ours also boost the development of language skills, fine and gross motor skills, creative thinking skills, provide opportunity for increased parent/child bonding and more!

During a pandemic, we can offer extra support. We can clearly see how much you love your children and we know you are working hard to give them healthy and happy lives even while you are navigating personal challenges. We want you to know that we're working hard to continue the learning safely and conveniently while helping you address specific challenges.

Our classes help:

  • Provide connection to other families experiencing the same challenges.

  • Provide a physical/mental break and just have some fun!

  • Maintain weekly routine showing children (and reminding yourself) that life is predictable and stable in many ways.

  • Enrich home life with the joy of music, creativity and expression.

  • Continue to boost your child's musical development, physical development and emotional development with fun, brain-stimulating activities in a supportive, loving and safe environment.


It is our honor to support your family and bring lots of smiles into your home with our music classes.

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