To ensure that your family enjoys the best possible classroom experience, we have developed the following policies. By enrolling in a class, you commit to following these policies. 

To receive the maximum benefit of our classes, please enjoy the music and activities AT HOME.  Children learn through repetition and will be much more likely to participate in class if the music and activities are familiar.  Practicing throughout the week at home is also a great way to include the entire family! We recommend incorporating our songs and activities into your daily life. Sing about your food, animals, toys and more!

PARENT/CAREGIVER PARTICIPATION Sing, dance and have a great time in class!  This is ESSENTIAL to your child's musical development.  You may not love your voice, but your child does.  Enthusiasm is infectious and your child's learning will be enhanced by YOUR participation. This is true when we meet in person and is especially important in our online classes. Your enthusiastic participation is essential to your child's learning.

In all in-person classes, each family brings a blanket that will delineate their participation zone. Please help your child stay in your family's zone. We understand that this can be difficult for children to understand. If you need to leave the class area to regroup from time to time, we completely understand. Just come back to your family's zone when you are ready. Children in our online classes will explore and their parents/caregivers may be concerned that they are not focusing on the screen. THIS IS OKAY AND DEVELOPMENTALLY EXPECTED. Continue to model the desired activities on your side of the screen. Sing, dance, and play along with the class so your child can engage with you musically as they explore their environment. Children who are not interested in the screen can still receive all of the developmental benefits of class by engaging with you during the activities. 

Please help us maintain a SAFE learning environment by intervening if your child is doing something that could endanger them or another child in the class.  Also, please avoid bringing drinks or snacks (other than water in a spill-proof container) to class. This helps prevent slippery spills, choking, and exposure to allergens during class. If your child leaves your family's zone, please gently, but promptly guide them back to your blanket/rug/mat. If you are participating in an online class, try to set up class in an area where your child will have less distractions. We suggest setting up class in a space free of toys or snacks to limit distractions. It can be very helpful to establish a pre-class routine. Talk about music class starting soon, choose what instruments/other props you will use and set-up for music class in eager anticipation.

There may be other times that your child will need you to intervene.  If your child is disrupting another child or if your child's actions are disruptive to the class overall, please redirect them.  If necessary, leave the class area until your child is ready to rejoin the classroom activities.  Our classes can be very stimulating and sometimes leaving the stimulating environment is necessary to calm an overstimulated child.  This too is part of their early development, so please don't feel awkward if you need to step out for a moment or two. If you're attending online and need a moment to regroup, just close the camera and rejoin when you are able. This happens in our in person classes and it will happen at home. When your child is ready to engage again, turn on the camera and rejoin the fun.

Because children often explore the world with their mouths and because we are encountering a pandemic, we are asking families to temporarily provide their own instruments for class. We recommend that you provide your child something to shake (egg shaker, wrist bell or small container filled with rice/dry beans/beads/paper clips), sticks to click (rhythm sticks, wooden spoons, cardboard tubes or reusable, non breakable drinking straws) and any other small percussion instruments. A plastic /metal bowl and a wooden/plastic spoon make an excellent drum. When we are safely able to begin providing community instruments, we will incorporate them and clean them with a minimum of 70% alcohol between classes.



Because our classes involve singing (forced air breathing), masks will be required for everyone above two years of age in most classes. (Forced-air breathing emits significantly more airborne particles than regular breathing.)  Masks should cover the mouth and nose with no gaps. Families must maintain a distance of 6 feet between themselves and participants outside of their household. We are allowing a few outdoor, mask-optional classes this fall for families who have specifically requested them. We especially need families to strictly enforce distancing in these classes. Do not attend an in person class if you are feeling ill (even just a little), are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19. Please schedule an absence for the class you will miss. Families may call, text, or email the office to schedule an online make-up class. We allow unlimited make-ups for medical reasons. Please don't come sick and put our teachers in the position of asking you to leave. 


If at any time you are concerned about the quality of our classes, feel free to speak directly to your teacher or contact our director, Rachel Hoffman at rachel@soundstartnashville.com.  We strive to provide the very best in early childhood music education.  Your feedback is vital to our success.


Because we know that repetition is essential in early childhood learning, we do not allow families to attend classes as "drop-ins".  All families register for the entire session unless they are registering late.  However, online families with out-of-town guests, an occasional "extra" child (sibling/babysitting, etc.) are welcome to bring a "drop-in guest".  These online visits are a flat fee of $10 per visiting child and can be scheduled on your TMC DashboardGuests will not be permitted in our in-person classes because we do not have room for additional families while we implement distancing measures

As a courtesy, we allow families to schedule up to three make-up classes per session. Families may only schedule make-ups in classes in which they meet all class guidelines. Missed classes must be made-up during the current session.  All make-ups must be scheduled in advance to prevent classroom overcrowding.  Please call or text the office at 615-777-9314 or email office@soundstartnashville.com to schedule a make-up class.  We cannot guarantee make-ups.  We encourage families to schedule make-ups as early in the session as possible, as make-up spots tend to fill up toward the end of the session. We also ask families to schedule absences when they know they will miss a class. Your scheduled absence provides a make-up spot in your class.  If you need further assistance, please contact us at office@soundstartnashville.com.  If you know you are going to miss a class, please schedule your absence so someone else may use your spot for a make-up class.  Please note: absences of a registered child CANNOT be transferred to unregistered siblings or visitors.

In inclement weather, we will move outdoor classes online at the usual class time. Inclement weather cancellations are communicated via email (and online class links will also be shared via email). In inclement weather, please check email before heading to your outdoor class. If we need to cancel an indoor class (i.e. teacher is ill and no subs are available, or our classroom is flooded), you will be notified via email and phone prior to class. If we do not have your cell number listed, please update your profile online or call the office. A perk of online classes is that we never need to cancel due to inclement weather!


Full refunds are available with no questions asked as long as we receive your request five business days or more before the first day of the session.  (Note that we don’t determine the date based on your first scheduled class, but instead from the first day of classes that session.)

    Refund requests received four business days or less before the session starts, and before the first time your class meets:  We will refund your tuition minus a $25 administration fee. Refund requests received after your first class meeting and before week five: We will refund your tuition minus a $25 administration fee, a $30 materials fee (not applicable if using only electronic materials), and deduct for each class that has occurred. Refund requests will no longer be honored after the fourth week of the session.

    $30 of in-person class tuition pays for materials (The Music Class songbook and CD).  If you received materials and return them to us with the CD still in its shrink wrap and the book in new condition, we will refund you the $30 materials fee. If you did not receive materials, be certain to let us know. After confirmation with your teacher we will refund the $30 materials fee.

    Note: We are not providing books and CDs for our online classes. Families are not being charged for digital materials (and TMC app access) while online. Sound Start is covering the cost of these subscriptions for you. In person students will receive a songbook and CD. We are contractually required to provide materials to all families who enroll in an in person class. Please do not ask us to make an exception.

    Families with more than one child enrolled will be charged only one administration fee.  The sibling refund rate is $12.50 per class.
    Note: We are not charging for sibling participation for our online classes. It would be incredibly difficult for us and you to monitor.


    If you miss class due to a major medical condition, such as hospitalization or prescribed bed rest, contact us no later than 2 weeks after your first missed class.  We will refund you for the classes not taken.  Please supply a doctor's note.

    We do not issue credits towards future sessions.

Sound Start respects and is committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not share any of your personal information without your consent. 


Sound Start Early Childhood Music strives to provide the very best environment for early learning. If a child is unable to participate in a non-disruptive manner, caregivers are encouraged to step out of the classroom to help calm the situation and then return when the child is ready to resume classroom activities. Should a child not be able to participate in a non-disruptive manner in repeated classes and if the caregiver is unable to diffuse the disruptive behavior,  as determined in Sound Start Early Childhood Music's sole discretion, then Sound Start Early Childhood Music reserves the right to withdraw the student from the class and to refund tuition on a pro rata basis. In the event that an adult/caregiver behaves in a disruptive or disrespectful manner, as determined in Sound Start Early Childhood Music's sole discretion, then Sound Start Early Childhood Music reserves the right to withdraw the student from the class and to refund tuition on a pro rata basis. Sound Start Early Childhood Music will not tolerate behavior that makes other customers feel unwelcome or unsafe.