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What parents have said about us:

"In a developmental test my 6-month-old took, the doctor was pleasantly surprised he chose to shake a toy that made noise instead of just putting it in his mouth. I credit music class, as he's become so much more aware of sounds and rhythms! And my 2-year-old now sings all day long. I love listening outside his door when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap." Lindsey S.

"As a new SAHM I wanted to find activities for my newborn and me. My daughter and I started when she was 7 weeks old. Yes. 7 weeks! She has loved it and every week she and I both look forward to class. Additionally, Rachel is incredible at engaging the babies and has such a positive demeanor. My little one loves class at such a young age and Rachel coaches me on how to best include my baby in the activities. I'm so grateful for Sound Start and our experience!" Elizabeth M.

"Both of our children are graduates of both the Pups and Cats classes. Years later, our daughter still pines for Ponies which was for older children. Rachel Hoffman leads a group of talented musicians that will be as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids. I still listen to the music even years later, and sing some of the songs occasionally too. I highly recommend this program!" Grant G.

"My son LOVES music class! He is 20 months old and has such a great time. He loves the music and sings the songs all the time outside of class. He loves to tell everyone about his class and the things he does. I knew it would be something he would enjoy because he loves music, but he is much more into it than I expected him to be! I would recommend it to any of my friends if they were looking for a music class for their kids!" Melissa W.

"My kids LOVED Sound Start when we were taking classes! The teachers are super, the music engaging, and the content my kids learned was amazing! Getting to participate with my kids was such a fun weekly event for us!" Shanna B.

"Sound Start is amazing! We started classes when my oldest son was a little over 2.5 years old and my youngest was about 7 months old and loved the Monkey Collection. My kids still sing those songs 2 years later! We came back for more fun this year and are doing the beloved Lion Collection, which is one my cousin did about 15 years ago in The Music Class! Classic stuff that my kids love! We’ve been privileged to have Miss Rachel as our teacher for both sessions and we LOVE her! She is soooo good with every kid and remembers details about them (which can not be easy with all of the kids she works with!). You will NOT regret it! Ask for it for a Christmas or birthday gift like we’ve done! Cannot sing it’s praises enough!" Erin A.

"My 15 month old son absolutely adores music class! He's gone from only wanting to sit in my lap to getting up and dancing. He is absolutely enamored with Miss Rachel, and we are so thankful to have found this program!" Allison J.

For more reviews, check out our facebook, google & yelp reviews. We are so thankful for all the positive comments!

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