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Our Story

Sound Start Early Childhood Music has provided early childhood music classes for Nashville's families since 2004.

Our program has been managed by Rachel Hoffman since it opened in 2004. Ownership has changed however. From 2004-2011, we were called "The Music Playhouse" and were owned by Debbie Aikman and Angie Moster (Fresch) of Carmel, Indiana.

From 2011-2017, we were called "The Music Class" and were owned by Rob Sayer of Atlanta, GA.

On June 1, 2017, Rachel Hoffman became the owner and the name changed to "Sound Start Early Childhood Music." We are thrilled to be locally owned and operated!

Since the beginning, our program has been very intentional about the content of our classes. Our goal is to help parents boost their child's sense of pitch and rhythm during the most critical period of music development: the first years of life. We have found The Music Class's award-winning, research based curriculum to be the most diverse, developmentally stimulating, and enjoyable curriculum available. We think you will agree!

While our focus has always been on music development, we have heard countless stories of how our classes have helped children develop social skills, motor skills, and speech skills.

We look forward to serving your family! To schedule a free observation class, you can self-schedule your visit on our registration pages, call our office at 615-777-9314 or email our office at


L-R: Angie Fresch, Rob Sayer & Debbie Aikman


L-R: Rachel & Tom Hoffman

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